FUNDACEN provide administrative and management support to activities of the EXACTAS-UBA community.

Management of grants and R + D + i projects

We offer administrative management for research, development and / or innovation projects, in particular for international grants and subsidies.

The Foundation give manegement support to various research, development and / or innovation projects, in particular international projects, grants and subsidies, or projects closer to innovation or industry, which by format or conditions, both the researcher and the FCEN consider appropriate to channel to through us.

Role of proton activated Acid sensing ion Channels (ASICs) in neuropathic pain in Fabry Disease Shire Inc Osvaldo Uchitel 2019-2021
Visual Search in natural images: Combining Brain Activity, Eye Movements and Computational models DoD-ARL Juan E. Kamienkowski 2019-2020
Cyclic nucleotide signalling in Chagas disease: identification of new key players for novel anti-parasitic drug design University of Leicester Martín Edreira 2019
Ciencia de Datos aplicada al sistema de transporte público de la ciudad de Córdoba CAF Agustín Gravano 2018
Interrupción de las Trayectorias Escolares CAF Juan E. Kamienkowski 2018
Herramientas de software para la realización de experimentos psicológicos y comportamentales masivos vía web Fundación Sadosky Diego Slezak 2018
Herramienta para generación automática de casos de prueba basada en algoritmos random para aplicaciones Java/Spring Fundación Sadosky Nicolás D’Ippolito 2018
Capacity building for bioinformatics in Latin America EMBL Adrián Turkansky 2018
Análisis multi-escala de fracturas naturales en la Formación Vaca Muerta TOTAL Daniel Yagupsky 2017

Technological transfer unit

We are intermediaries between the production of science and technology and those entities that wish to finance them to promote

The Foundation as UVT

The role of UVTs is to promote, facilitate and streamline the execution of R & D & I projects, in the face of the reality that many interactions between universities, public funding agencies, companies and international organizations are extremely complex and present administrative challenges which are sometimes unknown to each of the parties. The UVT arise in the year 1990 by the 23,877 law of the National Congress. It specifies that to operate, UVTs must regulate their relationship with the beneficiaries of their management, that is, with the institutions and organizations to which the researchers who will carry out the R & D & i work belong. Whether you are a researcher interested in developing technological linkage activities, or if you are part of an entity interested in requesting or financing those activities, we can explain the possible administrative channels to carry out your projects. Come to our Foundation.


For technology transfer by CONICET researchers.



For technology transfer by FCEN-UBA researchers.



For specific grants awarded MINCY


Management of scientific meetings and sponsorships

The Foundation provides administrative support to carry out academic meetings (conferences, congresses, workshops, schools, etc.), including the collection and billing of registrations and / or the reception of dedicated sponsorships and subsidies, as well as the execution of the funds raised and the presentation of renditions.

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