Fundación Ciencias Exactas y Naturales


The Exact and Natural Sciences Foundation (FUNDACEN) was created on December 13, 1990, by its founding members, Drs. Israel Algranatti, Nicolás Behrens, Jorge Comín, Roberto Fernandez Prini, Pablo Jacovkis, Rubén Levitus, Oscar Mayo, Mario Mariscotti, José Olabe Iparraguirre, Eduardo Recondo, Oscar Saggese, Hugo Scolnik, and Edgardo Ventura, who was its first president.

  • Trough FUNDACEN, we provide administrative and management support in activities of the EXACTAS-UBA community.
  • One of the main activities of the FOUNDATION is to manage different scholarships or supplementary aids for individuals who study or work at the FCEN-UBAD

The mission of our Foundation is to assist and support the development and strengthening of both the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UBA as a whole, as well as its students and researchers, and to promote scientific and technological research and development in general. Although there are currently public and private instruments that share this mission, both financial and supportive, challenges and needs still persist in our scientific community and for students who approach this field.

From its creation until today, the Foundation’s activities have been changing, according to the changes that have taken place in the national and international scientific and technological ecosystem, and in the University of Buenos Aires itself. In recent years, the Foundation has taken a more prominent role as a unit of administrative support and services for FCEN researchers. Its operational and financial structure allows it to streamline and optimize many tasks and processes.

The Foundation fulfills its mission of support through four axes:

  • Receiving and managing donations for Exactas
  • R&D and transfer projects management
  • Management of academic and scientific meetings
  • CONICET Technological Transfer Unit


Board of Directors

The foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of ten people, graduates or professors from the FCEN.

This is the Board of Directors according to the last change of authorities made on November 26, 2019. By statutory mandate, all the members of the Board of Directors carry out their task completely ad honorem.