Project Description

Support to teaching and investigation departments

Support to the activities of the physics department

The Physics Department (DF) teaches undergraduate and PhD courses in Physical Sciences, which, with a personalized modality, involves between five and ten postgraduate courses each semester and, approximately, twenty graduate doctors each year. It is also an important research center where more than ninety trained researchers work. FUNDACEN seeks to support the wealth of topics and approaches and consolidate the effort to increase the development of experimental physics groups, the promotion of interdisciplinary activities and the incorporation of young researchers in a framework of scientific excellence.

Protective masks for health workers

Teachers and non-teachers who are part of the Prototyping, Precision Machining and 3D Printing Workshop of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UBA are manufacturing protective masks for workers in health centers. With your donation we will be able to buy the necessary materials, move them and keep a machine that prints 24 hours a day in order to help more hospitals and health centers have the appropriate protection tools to fulfill their task in this complex situation. Thanks for your collaboration!